i-Bern GmbH

The Education Department is commissioning gibb Berne as part of a pilot project and in collaboration with the other vocational colleges involved and with the local industry (Chamber of Commerce and Industry [HIV]/tcbe, Berne SMEs and Economics Chamber [VWK, or Volkswirtschaftskammer]) to implement the I-CH training concept for IT technicians from August 2001 (academic year 2001/2002). The scope of the project includes organisation of training for the German-speaking part of the canton, the planning, management and evaluation of the implementation of the I-CH modular system adapted in accordance with the specifications in the Berne canton, coordination with the part projects for apprenticeship marketing and training federations, work on gender equality and auditing. Existing and future years of basic apprenticeship are to be incorporated into the project.


Further information can be found on the web-site (in German) www.i-be.ch.